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What’s included in your event
– With a member from Paranormal Vault, you get to explore & investigate the entire location from 8pm to 2am
– Drinks & Snacks (Crisps, chocolates, water, juices, teas/coffees/hot chocolates, soups and bread rolls)
– Paranormal equipment
– Lone and group vigils


What to bring
– Your own torch!
– You may bring your own ghost-hunting equipment
– Please wear weather-appropriate clothing and shoes. We advise bringing a jacket as it gets colder during the night.


*Please arrive at 8pm as the event will start promptly 8:15pm

8:15pm – 10pm: Spirit Walk (Initial Walkaround/History)
– Using our own senses to communicate with spirits
– The use of basic paranormal equipment; cat balls and K2 meter

10pm – 1am: Main Investigation
– Estes Method
– Lone Individual Isolated Experiments
– Ouija Boards
– Triggers/Trigger Objects
– Spirit box
– Motion Sensors
– Experimental Vigils

1am – 2am: Drawing Conclusions
– Going back to the most active areas
– Best experiments repeated

*Breaks are not at set times on our events. This is to ensure that if activity is occurring, we do not miss it due to a ‘set break time’. If you wish to take a break, a member of the team will be more than happy to assist!

*MUST be 18 years or older, Not advisable for those who are pregnant.

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