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Join the Vermilion Echoes Paranormal Investigation team for a thrilling evening this Halloween at the historic Merley House where we will explore the paranormal activity that exists within its 18th Century walls.

Are you brave enough to uncover the mysteries of this historic location? Over the years there have been many reports of paranormal and ghostly activity at this imposing property including, objects moving, disembodied voices and shadow figures.

Halloween is widely believed to be a time of the year when our two worlds are most closely aligned, making it easier for echoes and ripples through time to be heard and connected with.

Grab your flashlight and ghost-hunting gear for an unforgettable experience this Halloween. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with the echoes from beyond as we have exclusive access to Merley House on the most paranormal weekend of the year!

Book your spot now and join our paranormal investigation team for a night of guided and self-led experiments, using cutting edge technology and traditional practices to add to the archival records of paranormal activity at Merley House.

Do you have any special requests for investigations, experiments or access needs? Email Vermilion Echoes to discuss how we can accommodate this for you!

Event schedule:

  • 30pm – Registration and familiarisation of location8am – Event begins – Safety and investigation briefing
  • 30pm – Guided investigations and experiments in small groups
  • 30pm – Comfort break
  • Midnight – Supported investigations and lone vigils (your chance to conduct and document your own experiments and vigils with support from our investigators
  • 30am – Debrief and sharing of findings
  • 2am – Event finishes (participants are asked to vacate the property promptly at the end of the investigation for safety and insurance reasons)

What to expect at a Vermilion Echoes Paranormal Investigation:

  • Exclusive property access
  • Skilled guides and investigators
  • Full event briefing and debriefing
  • Hot and cold drinks and light refreshments
  • Additional tuck shop facilities for all your midnight snack needs
  • Experiments and investigative techniques to collect and corroborate evidence
  • Traditional techniques including table tipping and pendulum dowsing
  • Technology assisted paranormal activity tools including the use of AI
  • Group vigils
  • Free time for lone vigils or investigations
  • Use of paranormal detection equipment
  • Post-event access to an exclusive Facebook group for sharing of photos, videos and experiences gathered
  • Fully insured and certified investigators

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About Vermilion Echoes Paranormal Investigations

We blend cutting-edge science and technology with time-honoured traditional practice to explore and understand the echoes from beyond.

Our team operates with the utmost sensitivity, respect, and ethics, ensuring that every investigation is conducted with integrity.

All of our investigators have been screened and background checked, and have completed an internship programme to ensure that our investigations are authentic, of a consistently high quality and meet our core values and ethics.

We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey of listening and connecting to the unseen and the unknown. Together, let’s uncover the secrets that lie beyond the veil.

While we strive to communicate and connect with the paranormal during our events and investigations, please understand that we cannot guarantee responses or activity will occur.