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Prepare for a spooky night of ghost hunting at Merley House, an 18th century, grade 1 listed, Georgian manor house that has been home to many notable people over the years as well as being used by the war office during the second World War. Over 250 years of history, several reported deaths and many reports of ghostly activity make Merley House a top location for ghost hunts.

On a ghost hunt with Haunted Houses you will have exclusive access to the building/location during the evening. You will learn all about ghost hunting and the techniques used to encourage paranormal activity. We have a whole host of scientific ghost hunt equipment for you to use to aid communication with the spirits. You can take part in Ouija boards, glass divination and table tipping; the more traditional ghost hunt techniques. Or simply sitting in the dark and asking for the spirits to interact with you. Lone vigils (ghost hunting alone) will also be offered where available. During your evening you will be split into smaller groups so you can get the most out of your experience. If you are new to ghost hunting we warn you now – by the end of the night you may just become addicted to the fascinating and intriguing world of ghost hunting.

This is a real ghost hunt experience, there is no fakery, no tricks, what are you waiting for? Book your places today from just £20 deposit!

Haunted Houses look forward to welcoming you at this amazing building and sharing a night that you will not forget.

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