2017 was a fantastic year for Merley House, but we’re determined to make 2018 even better!

In 2018 we’ve got more weddings than we ever have before!

The ‘New’ Old Library

At the beginning of 2017, the Old Library got a well-deserved spruce up!

Merley House History

Merley House has been around a long time with the actual house being built in 1751 and the Merley estate being around since the 1500s maybe even earlier. Last year, we made the decision to have a house historian research into Merley House’s history!

We found a lot of interesting information about the house’s previous owners and inhabitants, some of which we have shared on our social media for #FunFactFriday. Some information, we’re keeping secret for now!

New Website

Last year, we upgraded our website! We updated all of our photos, our information and our blog! While you’re having a read of our blog post, why not have a look at the rest of our website!

New Menus

2017 seems to have been the year of sprucing up as we gave our wedding menus a spruce up as well!

Dorsetmums Blog Post

Local blogger Dorsetmums, shared a post all about Merley House after coming to spend the day at one of our weddings! Her post and the photos that went with it were wonderful.

Brussels Trip

The statue of John Willett stands in a museum in Brussels, John Willett being the uncle of Ralph Willett who built the Merley House we know today! Over the summer we visited Brussels to see the statue and find out more about him.