Each month we’re planning on showcasing a company that Merley House works closely with for most of our weddings. This month we’re focusing on VaVa Bloom!

VaVa Bloom is the main supplier of flowers for our weddings and has been for the past 5 years, going that extra mile to embellish our weddings with beautifully intricate flower decorations.

As you can see from the sample photos, VaVa Bloom supply an array of floral arrangements from bouquets to ceremony flowers to reception table arrangements. The arrangements are also uniquely tailored to suit each couple’s needs and wants. While some couples prefer a simplistic style, others desire eye-catching arrangements that give off that wow! factor.

“Each wedding is unique and it is so exciting to discover how each couple want their flowers to look. There has been a couple of weddings this year that will always hold a little place in my heart, for one or two reasons. I will give my best to each customer regardless of their budget.” – Sue, VaVa Bloom

VaVa Bloom Background

(As told by Sue, owner of VaVa Bloom herself)

“After 15 years of working in various florists, I decided to start working for myself. I work from a home workshop, based in Poole and wedding floristry is my main focus. I was so blessed to have been at the right place at the right time, as whilst at a party at Merley House about 5 years ago, I discovered that Merley House was about to lose their florist to retirement, the rest is history……….

“I absolutely love weddings and flowers so I am very grateful to be doing what I love best as a job. Merley House has got progressively busier and busier over the years and together with other bookings of mine, I am proud to say that I worked on 45 weddings last year.

“I love working with the staff at Merley House as they are all so friendly, helpful, fun and down to earth. They all clearly love what they do too! Merley House and all its glorious rooms are a stunning backdrop for most types of flower arrangements. The high ceilings work especially well with the taller arrangements.”


If you want to see more work by VaVa Bloom, their website and social media is filled with pictures of their beautiful flowers!

To order flowers, contact Sue on email: vavabloom@mail.com or phone on 07709923470.